Why Buy a Safe Zone
Bicycle Helmet Mirror?


Simply The Finest Bicycle Helmet Mirror Made

It is illogical not to use a mirror when biking/





il·log·i·cal   Illogical pronunciation.



  1. Contradicting or disregarding the principles of logic.
  2. Without logic; senseless.
  3. Someone who, when traveling at the prevailing speed of traffic in an engineered multi-ton steel safety cage uses 3 large, sturdily mounted rearview mirrors, yet when riding unprotected at 10% of the prevailing speed of traffic on a vehicle that weighs less than its operator, uses a disproportionately small-sized, flimsy, constantly vibrating mirror, or worse, rides without a mirror altogether!


il·logi·cali·tyil·logi·cal·ness n.,il·logi·cal·ly adv.